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Trade-Easterly offers services on a range of subjects to help you successfully deal with and expand your business:

Legal Services
Compliance Issues
Realty Services
Recruitment and Employment Services
Travel Related Services
Educational Services



Legal Services :

We have available with us services of Taxation Advocate, Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountants, Company Secretary, Trade Mark and Patent Attorney, Retired Revenue and audit officers. They can assist in solving any particular issues in relation to the statutory obligation that has to be made by any Company in India. With the team working for you, you can rest assured you will not be caught on the wrong fact at any stage.

The specialized areas in which we offer consultations are:

Customs Act, 1962
Central Excises Act 1944
Income Tax Act
Sales Tax Act
Service Tax Act
Trade and Merchandise Act(Patent and Trade Marks Act)
Foreign Exchange Management Act
Companies Act 1956
Partnership Act
Negotiable Instruments Act
Indian Penal Code
Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act
Essential Commodities Act
Arms Act
Explosives Act
Essential Commodities Act
Central and State Pollution Control Act



Web site designing, Hosting, Maintenance and Security Services
Various castings and Forgings; Fabrication 
Quality Maintenance Services, Quality certification guidance services
Liaison in pre-shipment quality control inspection
Feasibility studies


Compliance Issues:

Follow-up of various formalities in the relevant Government Departments

Trade Easterly, is provider of language and cultural solutions that enable companies to succeed in global market. Our clients have come to rely on our translation, localization, technical writing and interpretation services to adapt their products and communications for audiences around the world.

Companies that succeed globally rely on us to adapt or localize their products and documents so they look and feel as if they were created specifically for the target market.

Our expertise in multilingual marketing and communications provides companies with the means to deliver their message in all language and ethnic markets.

Our agents can get translated traditional training material and localize e-learning modules for delivery in almost all India languages.

Pin pointing the status of pending applications

When it comes to Indian government regulations and industry standards, our in-country specialists have the know how to help meet any corporate for market requirements and for compliance of statutory obligations. Discovering and removing the causes of delay are our targets. We offer the suggestions on alternative remedies available and point the time for moving to judiciary in the country when the matters are not responded properly by any authority at any point of time.

Offering solutions

We offer the solutions when there is bottlenecks in the already processed operations. Everytime whenever there are problems, we discuss it extensively with experts and find ways and study the government statutes. We are there With every time even when your firmís reputation at stake and the potential for substantial financial settlements, you cannot afford to overlook documentation errors or other minute linguistic details.

Meeting regulatory compliance

Selling and operating globally presents your company with unprecedented opportunities for growth, but such rewards are not without substantial risk. Shifting government statutes, rising tendencies towards litigation and a seemingly unending string of new product releases are converging to dramatically increase your exposure to potentially damaging legal action or negative publicity. With your firmís reputation at stake and the potential for substantial financial settlements, you cannot afford to overlook documentation errors or other minute linguistic details.

By working with Trade-Easterly you can minimize this exposure. Our work begins by reviewing your existing instructions, labels and other documentation relative to your various regulatory requirements. From this analysis, we design a custom solution drawing on our wide range of support services including

Technical Writing


Terminology Management


Trade Easterly is highly resourceful and can mobilise number of professions in all states of India supplemented by large number of qualified linguists. This extensive network of language professionals can be connected via our offices, including the translation expers, makes us the partner of choice for all your multilingual needs for Indian Languages to English and English to Indian Languages.

To learn more about how we can help you succeed in todayís global economy, contact us.


Recruitment and Employment Services :
To mobilize personnel on turnkey basis and for particular jobs
To utilize the spare capacity of personnel in various field by hiring on part time basis
To manage the personnel resources with optimum economy


Realty Services :
Locating the property on ownership or rent suitable for particular business
We help locating Agricultural Land, Farm house etc.
Long-term, Short term rental of fully furnished apartments, with or without domestic help


Travel Related Services :
Taxi Hiring, Economy and Luxury vehicles. Light Motor Vehicles such as Jeep, Van, Car, Bus. Buying and modification of vehicles as per tailor-made requirements. New Motor Bikes on Rent
Pick up and drop in services.
Discussion of the facilities available.
Conveying latest time tables]
Reservation Availability
Air Booking


Educational Services :

Education on computer subjects of your choice, Effective utilization of time during your stay in motherland

Individual services or Corporate Services, out team believes in giving satisfaction to our Client. Our client is the most important person to be attended. Client is everything for us. His satisfaction is our pleasure.


Localization :

TRADE-EASTERLY, adapts products to the needs of specific cultures and/or locales in India. Our adaptation ensures compatibility, performance and acceptance in almost all Indian languages.

Localization is the process by which multiple language versions of your product are created. Give us the product in your language we will convert it for you including advertisement for it in the local languages. There are mainly 22 languages in India which are spoken and Indian Constitution has given reorganization in its constitution to many languages. The goal is to develop one of the Indian language edition that appears to your target customers to have been originally developed in their native language. This does not include the technological developments or capability of changing the products to buzz in the local language and is limited to translation of designs and promotion material in adapting marketability.

Localization is a complex process involving many steps:

Reviewing target market to identify local linguistic and environmental requirements
Analyzing product to determine the areas to be adapted
Extracting text and other linguistic or culturally sensitive material
Translating and modifying these elements
Reengineering the core product to accept the new foreign market content (e.g., do buttons need to be resized to fit the new text?)
Testing new foreign market editions to ensure they meet performance standards of domestic product

TRADE-EASTERLY, co-ordinates with the professionals that are most experienced in localization projects having worked on many of the industryís largest efforts. We will apply this knowledge toward designing and managing a custom localization program for your products. Our team can help accelerate this process for you, enabling you to enter new markets faster and with a greater degree of confidence that your product is ready to meet the unique demands of new customers.

To learn more about Localization at Trade-Easterly, contact us.


Translation :

Trade-Easterly transforms text and documents into almost all Indian Languages. Our in-country translators and network of qualified linguistic resources can translate information for use in local markets.

Translation, in its most basic sense, is the conversion of words from one language source to another. However, in most cases, Corporate are not seeking merely translate words, but are looking to translate a concept or an idea. We understand this need in the competitive world and for effectiveness of presentation, therefore, take translation beyond simple words and focus on the best way to deliver the meaning behind the words.

Translation, when completed in this way, is a detailed process that includes the following:

Analyzing source language in relation to the intended audience and target languages
Completing translation by network of pre-qualified, in-country, native speakers of the target languages who ensure both the words and cultural nuances are properly addressed
Editing and proofreading translated text using our Linguistic Quality Index to deliver the greatest degree of accuracy

Trade-easterly, can be entrusted for the best translation services to provide with the strength of mobility for any large quantum of infrastructure in various parts of India. we have the scale and expertise to address your most difficult translation projects. From marketing content and contracts to manuals and training courses, let our team transform your content and make it available to a worldwide audience accurately and cost effectively.

To learn more about Translation at Trade-easterly, contact us.



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