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I am hesitant to use online legal services?

This is a legitimate concern and one we had when developing the service. Not seeing your lawyer face to face can be difficult, but given the nature of the work (in India) and modern technology, we believe that our system provides the cost effective and speedy way to resolve your problems. We being in the area where more literate and compliance pro legal intellectuals are available who studies in-depth the issue, the services which are offered by Senior Advocates in metros and big cities at hefty fees can be afforded to be extended at comparatively low prices. In addition we also use the services of retired government officers and elderly senior advocates from their doorstep which makes our services matured and reasonable, and thus it is different from the services Professional Senior Advocates having large offices and high infrastructure with reputation which has direct bearing on charging the quantum of fees as is believed in the law field. This in any way does not refrain away our concern in appointing large advocate firm on your behalf if need arises.

Is it possible to see you face to face?

Yes. For cases requiring complex and expensive litigation, I will fly to your city at your request. In addition every months, I try to meet clients in Rajkot, Gujarat at our offices at Ramnik House, Jubilee Chowk, Rajkot to discuss their cases. Once the case is taken up it is no bar for number of Meetings for discussion. Every meeting i.e. additional time devoted is chargeable at normal rates of Indian Rs. 500/-. Our Clients have privilege of utilizing our infrastructure while in India.

Is it possible to see you face to face?

Yes. you can drop in at any time with prior appointment at our Rajkot Office for discussions and meetings. In exceptional cases we will fly to your city at your request and cost. In addition every month, we meet clients in Rajkot, Gujarat at our offices at Ramnik House, Jubilee Chowk, Rajkot to discuss their cases. Once the case is taken up it is no bar for number of Meetings for discussion. Our Clients have privilege of utilizing our infrastructure while in India if the client is from countries other than India.

How much do your services cost?

The initial consultation starts with Indian Rupees 1000/-. (Approx. US$ 20). Initial consultation covers understanding the matter from fact, and opinion on it as to whether the matter is fit for agitation or not and also covers understanding as to the legality of the issue. Primary opinion is framed during the discussion. Initial consultation can be started with higher fees in complex cases and quantum of papers to be gone through exceeds 35. Any additional services are negotiable and dependent on the type of work. Any payments to the Indian lawyers are handled by us. There is no upper limit to the fees we quote. However, we believe we are amongst the most trusted lawyers in the area in the fields we have been practicing and respected as group with high morals. We charge normal fees plus actual expenses incurred towards the matter.

Will I be able to speak to my lawyer in India?

Yes, you would be given the direct contact of the advocate. However, it is for the client to keep the contact with the advocate and no additional fees without express written consent of Trade-Easterly should be given. Trade-Easterly shall not be accountable/responsible for any matter wherein strategy of law has been directly framed in consultation with the hired lawyer by the decision of the client.

Will I be able to speak to you?

Yes. Anytime. In fact your speaking to us makes us more understand the matter from the facts angle. More we understand more we are able to present it in proper way.

In what cities do you have lawyers?

We appoint the lawyers after preparing brief according to Indian Law and give the lines to advocate that on what lines they need to argue the matter or follow up the matter with the Government. Normally we depute the lawyers from our own group at Rajkot and in most of the cases such hire services are not required. Please ask more if you have anything in this area at tradeast@trade-easterly.com

Why should I use your service? I can hire a lawyer in India myself.

True. You can hire a Indian lawyer to do any work you require. However, be aware that choosing a lawyer can be a time consuming and expensive proposition (unless you already know one). More importantly most legal work requires constant follow up and attention to detail. Most lawyers work on (what they believe) to be the most pressing work first, often delaying other work. By diligently following up (e.g. asking the right questions) and doing some of the legal work in house we can save you time and money. Further, area of specialization by the advocates plays pivotal role in understanding and framing strategy. All the advocates may not be entrusted all matters. Unless you know the advocate and its specialization area with his capacity to argue the matter before the authorities, you need a proper guide who can take you to the proper person. We take you outside only if we do not take the matter in lines with our policy and limited infrastructure in the area in which your case has jurisdiction.

Feel free to ask us any questions you may have by using the Contact Us .

What is special in your service in comparison with other Law firms.

We discuss the law with our clients. We show the authority to them. We frame the strategy with clients. We ask the clients as to how they intend to move the matter. We guide them as to whether the matter is worth taking to courts or tribunals or to adjudication in clear language of yes or no. We understand the need of taking the matters to courts. We guide on evidences. There is absolute transparency. We keep copy of documents and original are entrusted to clients. There is nothing which is not to be revealed to clients at our firms. We strictly believe that ends of justice are to be met through proper mediums of law. We do not resort to outside court activities except arbitration and peaceful resolution. We do not delay the matters. We are reluctant to take up the matters where we do not reach. We give adequate time and pour in adequate skilled man hours to the matters. We do not take the matters which are against the interest of humanity or where the human interest is at stake and we support the matters of larger public interest.

What is the quantum of pro-bono that you can under take ?

There is big amount of skills available for pro-bono work and there is no upper limit to it. We are a unit which is non-political, non-communal, not-racist and respecting all religions. We respect human dignity and are equal opportunity employer. We have high trust in Gandhian philosophy and ever attempt practise such principles. Though we respectfully submit that we are Hindu and employs teetotalers and vegetarians only. We appreciate vegetarian and teetotalers.


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