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Trade-easterly.com is equal opportunity concern and recruit the staff without the distinctions of caste, creed and colours. It provides good potential to the right candidate. Compensation of the work is directly linked with the inputs candidate put in and the results they achieve and is on commission basis. Compensation is highest in the industry on percentage basis and in toto linked to revenue generations through advertisement. There shall be no office to work from and candidates have flexi work hours. (For vacancies see at the end of the page)

If you are looking for a challenging, creative atmosphere, seeing job as a wealth of opportunity to do your best work and a work environment that encourages the best, you're looking for us!

Trade-Easterly, is a company with leading service products and an innovative corporate culture designed to keep us more client friendly. We operate as an Indian company, firmly committed to meeting the needs of the global market in Indian Marketplace. As an independent profit centre, we are responsible for our own budgeting and corporate management. Trade-Easterly, is actively involved in the providing made-to-order services and sub contracting needs of clients by providing co-ordinate and liaision services. At Trade-Easterly you'll become part of a fast-moving team, challenged daily with crucial decisions. You'll be asked to do things you've never done before. And you'll find you can do these things surprisingly well.

Why people should come to work for Trade-Easterly.

Our hours are flexible, our benefits generous and our atmosphere supportive. All of which attracts the best people to come to work for us. One of our objectives is to make Trade-Easterly, the best place to work anywhere from Globe. An ambitious goal, to be sure, but one that we believe we are uniquely able to accomplish.

Founded in 1992, we've have geared to expand and now include sales through portal and development through web-site designing. We have not developed manifold in terms of finance and opening offices at number of places but we have surely enriched our manpower and ourselves with experience and expertise. Our ways of doing business are informal - meetings are spontaneous, dress is “smart-casuals” in much of the company. We work in teams and yet you will be individually responsible for a specific facet of the task. This melding of individual task challenge and team support gives you both intense personal satisfaction and a strong sense of accomplishment through partnership with others.

Why people stay at Trade-Easterly

We augment our salaries with annual reviews and annual bonuses tied to meeting corporate and personal objectives. Salaries are not salaries they are partnership profits. Commission are offered on the revenue generated to the people we contract. That is the salary they get. We do not pay salaries, there is no upper limit to what we can give, it has direct relationship with what people generate for the Trade-Easterly. Employee has the opportunity to own a piece of the company. There is vertical growth. And because you can't revolutionize the computing world if you're not healthy, we provide you with Hospitalization coverage insurance, as well as a fitness subsidy towards the health club of your choice, once you realise targets. We believe hard work has to be balanced with relaxing diversions.

At trade-easterly, we build business leaders who create value. Who believe that the future belongs to those who are able to create it. Which is why we value integrity, creativity, passion, a 'will do' attitude and the will to succeed above all else.

Together, these empower our people to take risks, to experiment, to set their own goals and win in the market place. In turn, we encourage those who are eager to take the initiative to continuously learn and experiment. These are the qualities which will help us remain contemporary and relevant at all times. We believe that the most enduring way to retain talent is to enable our people to continuously add value to themselves.

So what does Trade-Easterly have in store for you

At Trade-Easterly we believe that our mission to provide quality service to our client and enhance value creation for the clients can only be achieved through the quality and commitment of our people. Towards this end, we continuously strive to unleash the potential of each individual.

We leverage human capital for competitiveness by nurturing knowledge, entrepreneurship and creativity. We believe it is these strengths that will help us successfully compete in a globalised environment and exploit emerging opportunities. We reward the will to succeed and the desire to compete with the best in the world. We stimulate the drive to be the best and take immense pride in when we provide qualitative service.

We take an integrated view of structures, competencies, tasks and processes and link all these to our long-term goals. Our performance management systems focus on performance, meritocracy, equity and the upholding of company values. We keep our work environment simple, informal and flexible with a strong emphasis on human values. We value ideas and give people the space to execute them.

We keep our people intellectually stimulated and give them the freedom to take their own decisions. And the responsibility to make Trade-Easterly grow through innovation and experimentation.

We endeavour to be a vibrant company for nearly decades to come now because of our ability to manage change proactively and to reinvent ourselves continuously without compromising the ideals and values that have sustained us over the years.


We focus on value addition to enhance competencies. We believe professional growth is the responsibility of both the individual and the organisation. We provide opportunities for value addition through:

Exposure to Internationally Benchmarked Marketing Practices
Formal Training and Development programmes in India
Membership of Multidisciplinary Task Forces and Project Teams
Focused Leadership Development Initiatives
Cross Functional and Cross Business Opportunities


We do not believe in stereotypes. We believe diversity is essential for building a wholesome work environment. But there are certain basic attributes we look for :

Intellectual rigour
A 'will do' attitude
Team skills
Ability to think strategically
High energy
Desire to work on commission basis



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