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These are General FAQs for Additional FAQs on Legal Services click here

I am hesitant to use online services?

This is a legitimate concern we had when developing the service providing vitual location. Though we are not new in providing service, but carving the service providing through electronic medias and using information technology may give thought to hesitations.. Not seeing your service provider face to face can be difficult, but given the nature of the work (in India) and modern technology, we believe that our system provides the cost effective and speedy. We being in the area where qualified human resource is available in adequate quantity who studies in-depth the issues and get involved. Our human resource has great sense of belongingness to our clients. Once you start communicating with us, you would realize this and there shall remain no hesitation and confidence will be restored. We evaluate the things with human approach. We respect the privacy, and see the things from our clients view, and thus most of the issues are resolved in this approach. We think globally and act locally, that is where we stands differant from other online service providers. We also believe that information technology is secure and probably the best available media for understanding clients and supporting them.

How you handle multiple services at one window?

We have infrastructure of Law firms, offices in Marketing yard, security services, quality assurance services and services related to information superhighway. For rest of the services we rely on the years of experience in the market we have in this sector and are aware of who is who and what can be entrusted to whom. May be sometimes, we take assistance of recruitment agencies for particular kind of services where we may not have infrastructure. In addition we also use the services of retired government officers and elderly senior professional from their doorstep which makes our services matured and reasonable, and thus it is different from the other services Professional having large offices and high infrastructure with reputation which has direct bearing on charging the quantum of fees.

Is it possible to see you face to face?

Yes. you can drop in at any time with prior appointment at our Rajkot Office for discussions and meetings. In exceptional cases we will fly to your city at your request and cost. In addition every month, we meet clients in Rajkot, Gujarat at our offices at Ramnik House, Jubilee Chowk, Rajkot to discuss their cases. Once the case is taken up it is no bar for number of Meetings for discussion. Our Clients have privilege of utilizing our infrastructure while in India if the client is from countries other than India.

How much do your services cost?

The initial consultation starts with Indian Rupees 1000/-. (Approx. US$ 20). Initial consultation covers understanding the matter, and studying the feasibility. It also covers approximation of cost involved in the particular project and varies differently from case to case. Our clients need made-to-order services in their own style and function. We opine on the suitability of the particular matter in Local culture and consumer behaviour. Primary opinion is framed during the discussion. Initial consultation can be started with higher fees in complex cases and quantum of papers to be gone through exceeds 35. Any additional services are negotiable and dependent on the type of work. Any payments to the sub-contractors and service providers are handled by us. There is no upper limit to the fees we quote. However, we believe we are amongst the most trusted and economic service providers in the area in the fields we have been practicing and respected as group with high morals. We charge normal fees plus actual expenses incurred towards the matter. We offer the rates even on commission basis where initially quantum of services required is certainly not known. It means, we charge some percentage on the total services co-ordinated by us.

Will I be able to speak to my service provider in India?

Yes, you would be given the direct contact of the service provider. However, it is for the client to keep the contact with the service provider and no additional fees without express written consent of Trade-Easterly should be given.

What is the function of Trade-Easterly and what is its accountability in achieving the targets.

Trade-Easterly shall not be accountable/responsible for any matters wherein strategy of complying with particular requirement has been directly framed in consultation with the sub contractor or any other person except with the persons of Trade-Easterly in writing and where in direct decision is taken by the client. Also request you to see our discliamer policy. Advisory function of ours is in no way accountable and trade-easterly, or any of the persons related to it shall be responsible for any results, outcome, inefficieny or delays in the matter. Clients shall indemnify Trade-Easterly and persons related to it from all sorts of losses and liabilities. Trade-Easterly also expressly denies for any illegal, immoral jobs and shall like to serve commercial and noble clients only.

Will I be able to speak to you?

Yes. Anytime. In fact your speaking to us makes us more understand the matter from the facts angle. More we understand more we are able to present it in proper way and more we are able to plan the work.

In what cities do you provide services?

We have our infrastructure in Rajkot, Gujarat, India and to some extent in Gujarat. We can co-ordinate the work get done with sub-contractors in almost all states except some of the eastern states of Inida. We appoint the sub contractor after preparing brief according to the need of our clients. On what lines they need to implement the job or get the services or follow up the matter. Normally we depute the personnels from our own group at Rajkot and in most of the cases such hire services are not required. This differs greatly on the geographical locations wherein you need the service and type of the service you need to get done from us. Please ask for particular services to know about it.

Why should I use your service? I can hire a service provider in India myself.

True. You can hire a person to do any work you require. However, be aware that choosing an appropriate person without being aware of the work culture and ethics without experience of such kind can be a time consuming and expensive proposition (unless you already know one). More importantly most work requires constant follow up and attention in detail. Great deal of diligence is required unless there is sense of belongingness and commitment in service provider. Most service providers work on (what they believe) to be the most pressing work first, often delaying other work. By diligently following up (e.g. asking the right questions) and doing some of the work in house we can save you time and money. Further, area of specialization by the service providers plays pivotal role in understanding and framing strategy. We get proper responsible polite person for you to answer and respond to your querries and questions. We are objective driven and all concern with us know the object of the particular taks. Unless you know the person and its specialization area with his capacity to perform the task, one cannot entrust the work. You need a proper guide who can take you to the proper person. We take you outside only if we do not take the matter in lines with our policy and limited infrastructure in the area in which your case has jurisdiction.

Feel free to ask us any questions you may have by using the Contact Us .

What is special in your service in comparison with other firms.

We discuss the matters with our clients. We show them the ways to do it. We frame the strategy with clients. We ask the clients as to how they intend to move the matter. We guide them as to whether the matter is worth entrusting to anybody or not or it is readily available. We understand the need of service requirements. We guide on evidences. There is absolute transparency. We keep copy of documents and original are entrusted to clients. There is nothing which is not to be revealed to clients at our firms. We strictly believe that ends are achieved by proper medium and to be met through proper mediums of law. We do not resort to outside court activities except arbitration and peaceful resolution. We do not delay the matters. We are reluctant to take up the matters where we do not reach. We give adequate time and pour in adequate skilled man hours to the matters. We do not take the matters which are against the interest of humanity or where the human interest is at stake and we support the matters of larger public interest. There is big amount of skills available for pro-bono work and there is no upper limit to it.

Can you give us some examples of tailor made service concept?

Certainly. Services that we expect to demand from us is astonishing. Suppose you are big corporate and want translation service for your product in any of the regional language, we are there to be with you from contents studying from the various angles of legal study, cultural study, marketability study to designing and printing in particular language.

Suppose you are non-resident Indian or a person of Indian Origin and you want to do 'Satyanarayan Katha' on your birthday, or on your anniversary or you want together with friends but in Indian style and with Indian excuse. We manage from the Brahmin, puja, samagri, invitation card to be dispatched to your friends and relatives, prasad arrangments, place where you want to do the katha whether a party plot, hall or a temple.

And Suppose you are in India for seven days and want us to make your circular route journey in Indian Rails in the manner that your night goes in Train only, and with comfortable stay and you get everywhere in the day time and you can see the maximum place within such time and your voyage becomes more productive we can share the things with you. On your behalf also by inquiring with railways and local travel agents saving your time. (We are not authorised ticket booking agents of railways and cannot under take the work of ticket booking therefore we take assistance of authorised travel agents in addition to referring to books as per your advise) or

Suppose a person of India origin want to perform rituals (shraddh) after ones parents who passed away and want a brahmin to accompany with you to Haridwar, Rishikesh and other places, we manage it for you. They do havans (yagna) for you. or

Suppose You want a lawyer on Valuation Section i.e. Section 14 of the Customs Act 1962 to defend your case in the Customs, Excise Service Tax Appellate Tribunal, we find him for you or

Suppose you have a property in India and want some security guard to see it regularly and report you weekly, we manage man for you. or Suppose you are coming to India for more than 30 days and hotel would be costly affair and you want a readily furnished flat for one month we manage for you.

There is no limit to what you can ask from us.

How to make payment to us?.

You can make payment to us by cheque/draft or depositing directly the bill amount in our ICICI Bank Account. We need payments in advance. There is no refund once the service agreement is finalized. We are at present not able to receive money directly through credit cards through the site. But we shall expect to provide you such support of collection of fees soon online.

Kindly also see General Service Conditions and disclaimer pages


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