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What we are doing?  How we can assist you?

We call ourselves your Welcoming-Committee to Gujarat/Saurashtra. And the way we function, you could end up welcoming us as a part of your team.

There is no dearth of reasons to bring you to this part of India. Some of the best fabrics in the world are made here, Cotton, silk, or synthetic. The incomparable artisans of Kutch and Jamnagar lend their singular touch in producing the unique “Bandhani” – fabric printed by “tie-and-dye” method- one article at a time, not reproduced anywhere else in the world.

Indeed, this part of India is in the forefront in many fields, and one just cannot enumerate them all here. As an alert businessman on the ball, you could just be eyeing this as a prospective area of your future operations. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, your market could well be here.

And this is where we come in.

We are service-providers. But there is no fixed menu of whatever we offer. You only have to ask us to do whatever you need done, and it’s done. Let us illustrate with a hypothetical situation;

Say, you arrive in Ahmedabad or Mumbai. We have taken care of your hotel bookings, and are there to receive you. But if you prefer, we also can make available fully furnished, well-stocked rented accommodation. We could also have a rented car for you if you desire.

And then you need to travel to the districts of your interest. Following your instructions over the net, we have your rail bookings ready for you, to, let us say, Rajkot. There again, we have a fully furnished flat, with or without servants, waiting for you.

We have on call a team of experts to guide and advise you. A look at the legal services we provide can reassure you that you will not be caught unawares at any stage.

There is no denying the fact that liberalization and simplification of laws has made the business climate in India more inviting and investor-friendly than ever before. However, to those initiated in the ways of Indian formalities and paper-work, the route can seem labyrinthine. Our expert guidance can be of immense assistance in sheltering you from the various pitfalls and roundabouts that could otherwise prove time-consuming and even costly to the unwary new comer.

Not that our services are confined to new comers. You could be an old-time in Gujarat, with your business well established for years. You could be involved in castings, forgings, and the multitude of industries branching off from these. Or perhaps brass-parts is in your line- we have an entire district thriving on brass Or again, perhaps diamond cutting and polishing is your field-Gujarat is well-known in this sphere too. We could prove to be of benefit to you in all your endeavors. The services we have ready on the tap are numerous and varied- ware-housing, security services, real estate, all forms of taxation consultancy, insurance, taxes rebates and refunds consultancy and litigation, manpower, website designing, promotion and maintenance, the list is not comprehensive merely indicative. And these services are all in-house or through our extremely reliable and proven associates.

Above all, we pride ourselves on one quality that our customers value the most: we do not take you for a ride. If we cannot handle your assignment, we save your time and money by saying so outright. If we take up a job, we perform- at the lowest possible cost and in double-quick time. When we handle various legal formalities pertaining to your business, we make sure you get every tax, subsidy and rebate benefit you may legally entitled to. We advise litigations and pursue it only when necessary and viable, when it means a sure loss of time and effort, we say so plainly. Our success rate to date is remarkable, if let us not say a cent percent.


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