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TRADE-EASTERLY is the unique organization for owners of service businesses, traders, manufacturers and professionals worldwide.

In its commitment to protect the intellectual property of legitimate intellectual property owner, Trade Easterly registers the domain of the concerned property in their favour by identifying risk factor of the individual domain for theft and is in the active in service by returning legitimate owner their intellectual property.  This is without obligation. A charge to the tune of Rs. 1,00,000/- or say US $ 2000 is requested to the owner for safeguarding their interest towards cost for administration. However, legitimate owner is not under obligation to pay this if they are not able to bear the cost*. Trade Easterly, in its commitment to be law abiding and to be just, fair, proper and legal, for transferring the domain there is no obligation there is no compulsory charge, there are no hidden charges. In all circumstances, disputes are avoided that may arise due to such voluntary protection.

As the multiple services providing business, we put ourselves on the line every day, selling our most valuable assets: our time, our expertise, our knowledge, our know-how, our information, our contacts, our creativity, our skill, our training, our ability. In this process, we come across several situations where we feel that the 'x' domain or say 'y' domain is under immediate perception to theft or may be registered by the persons taking advantage of precipitation of various issues in IP law and it needs to be protected to facilitate legitimate brand owner, we register it.  Thus, we attempt to protect legitimate brand owners from dragged in legal disputes and to not to face unsettled positions of law.

In reply to why we do this, in our social commitment towards trade and industry, and to meet the cost and overheads arising out of pro-bono and maintenance job, and in our mission is to meet the special protective needs, we do it by providing...

·        Voluntary preventive services without obligation.

·                 Voluntary preventive Protection service essential for achieving the growth and profitability goals one desire and executing the  tasks on the basis of it BY PROTECTING DOMAIN OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OWNER without obligation.

·                  Our mission is to pour in; the knowledge, experience and expertise we posses for our clients and for benefit of humanity at large. 

We love the Gandhian Philosophy.  We love non-violence.  We have priorities for social responsibility of our firm.  We do intend to act as per law.  We act as per law.  We believe and practice that no objective can be achieved without proper means.  Means to an end should be proper. All the assignments are to be achieved with high level of integrity, transparency, truth, commitment with service attitude and with strength and power.  No practicalities are invited and expertise and power are only to be used.


Eligibility :


The claimant/legitimate intellectual property owner transferee

a.      shall demonstrate with authority that they have rights in the intellectual property.  They may like to produce registration with any of the authorities.

b.      shall pay US $ 2000/-  or equivalent to trade-easterly.  In the event they do not want to pay full US $ 2000/- a letter from the owners/directors of the firm/company /person stating the reasons that they cannot pay the duty or that they do not intend to pay for such and such reason/s.

c.      shall indemnify in all respect from the liability including monetary but not limited to that may arise due to transfer of domain name in favour of claimant, to the Trade-Easterly, its owners, employees, agents, contractors and all connected to the Trade-Easterly in its business.  They shall indemnify Trade-easterly including owners, agents, contractors from any of the legal action that may arise subsequently due to the transfer of domain name in the favour of claimant.  Trade-Easterly, do not have rights, did not had it in the domain and claimant would indemnify Trade Easterly in all the legal disputes that may arise due to transfer of right in domain as part of its service.


d.      The amount paid is for transfer and not the sale value and it is the service charge for protection.



Procedure and conditions : (Please also see general terms and conditions)



a.      We correspond with the person who has powers to   take decision and do not talk with aliases, agents, mediators and persons who do not have power to take decisions.


b.      We require that person corresponding with us in connection with the domain confirm that one possess such powers.


c.      We are presently at Jamnagar in India and can be reached at  ++91-288-2661007 IST (+5.5 hrs GMT) in the morning or in the evening.


d.      Our office address is C/32-33, Agriculture Produce Marketing Yard, Rajkot Gujarat India and Rajkot.


e.      The site trade-easterly.com is under continuous development and under the process of development and is under the care of web-designers, legal personnel and programmers. Please visit the page regularly to see the latest on terms and conditions.


f.      Present services are to extend help to the legitimate owner.  Domain and web-sites are not for speculation and profiteering from purchase and sale of domain. 


g.      Waiver of fees are only in exceptional cases and as no business can run solely on charity, and as such requests of waiver of charges shall be put before the committee in organization for allowing transfer if they find this ok.  Reasons narrated for such waiver should be expressly mentioned and should be clear and elaborative. Normally there won't be denial, if it is cleared on the guidelines herein this page mentioned above. 


i.       Be sure enough that, there is no intention to allow the site to transfer to anybody except its legitimate owner. 


j.      The person who has right in domain as is being said by him shall only be the transferee. We have not made thorough search nor take any responsibility of having done search for legitimate owner. 


k.      Transferee would give an assurance in document that the site is going to its legitimate owner with address and showing proof of its legitimate ownership/right.


l.       The agreement is directly made with the transferee, legitimate owner.


m.     It would also not be unplaced to mention that if claimant need any kind of banner or  link from this site making it clear that this site do not belong to your client, it shall be done without any obligations and free of charge lifetime.  In fact this shall be more convenient trade-easterly.com, if claimants are comfortable with it.


n.      Meetings are held only in exceptional circumstances at the request and cost of claimant at Rajkot or Jamnagar.


o.      Needless to mention ab-initio that terms of transfer would be absolute and in all means, we shall be indemnified by claimant and all his agents, employees and persons who holds authority from all kind of losses, legal battles and any other expenses that may arise due to this transfer of domain.  The shall also indemnify Trade-Easterly, and its owners, agents, employees and representative in the disputes that may arise with anybody in any manner whatsoever, that shall be applicable in the cases only if we decide to transfer the same and shall not be dragged in any legal issues anywhere which is with claimant/ transferee by somebody else.  The conditions of sale and language of contract would be as we desire.  There is no interest in any manner transferring the domain for any illegal or conflicting or incorrect  or not morally fair reasons which we mention here explicitly for the purpose of utmost clarity.


p.      Also come in reply with the expense that your client can bear to re-imburse us in the event committee decides to transfer.  You would appreciate that it should be meeting with the expense and energy already expended.


q.      Obviously, Trade Easterly expects generous offer in reimbursement. This shall help to put the matter before the committee in positive way revealing genuinity.  Make sure payment channels would be reputed banks and official transfer only and no cash dealing would be accepted.


r.      We expressly mention that this page in anyway do not construed to be intention of sale, transfer and waiver of right or legitimate interest or usage in bad faith in respect of all our rights in domain and is only for the purpose of respecting the interest shown by claimant and for the benefit of those who practice and worship intellectual property rights.  Intention of sale/transfer shall be conveyed separately if it happens once we here from you.


s.      All taxes and bank charges at both the ends that is at receiving end and at transferee’s end shall be borne by transferee and not by trade-easterly.com


t.      Kindly ask any doubts you have in the return letter.



What if more than one domain claimant from Trade-Easterly

This happens where there is registration in different class/different countries or for the domain names of tlds or other gtlds or country domains on similar names.  In the event of more than one claimant of domains, it shall be decided by the Trade-Easterly, as to whom to give the brand name and there shall not be any obligation to give it to first claimant and it shall be given as per the discretion of the Trade-Easterly, it shall give it to the claimant who, in the opinion of Trade-Easterly would be legitimate owner.  Trade-Easterly, may refer the matter or take any other appropriate action as it deem fit in the facts and circumstances and legality involved in the individual case.


Exception :


The above contents do not apply to domains which have been registered for web-site development, organizations of trade easterly which are under developments, and domains which are registered exclusively for resale.


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Let all concern with us be benefited by my knowledge, experience and expertise.





  Our belief Let truth prevail


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