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Legal formalities, statutory requirements, licenses-registrations-permits?

Stumbling blocks?

Not if one gets a road guide. A good one; experienced, resourceful, with a proven track record. One who will smoothen the path for not take one for a ride. We describe ourselves. Trade-Easterly.

We sell our services. We are a group of experts in mercantile law, taxation, trade and licensing formalities, banking, transportation, customs and Central Excise- in short, all the inevitable procedures you have to put up with in business. Those which you might find irksome and tiring. But nevertheless, those you simply have to put up with.

For business in India, Trade Easterly can be of tremendous assistance. Starting with discussion on the environment of your potential work, preliminary surveys, market research and local information; we guide and work for our clients through all the stages of setting up business. Through affiliates, we arrange all requirements met, including but not limited to transportation, car rental, hotel bookings, or renting/leasing residential or business premises. We provide recruitment services.

For on-going business, our services could prove to be the key to better and more profitable operations. Apart from those listed above, Our affiliates and principals can make your business remarkable efficient and wrinkle-free. Whatever be the need- Insurance, Security, Quality-control, Inspection, Packing and Shipping, Customs and Clearing, Litigation, Arbitration or Appeals, Patents and Proprietary rights, intellectual property rights, communications there is nothing where Trade-Easterly cannot be of assistance to you. We either have the capabilities to do the job ourselves, or we can guide you to the most reliable and efficient source for the service you desire.

Come to us, we will steer you right. After dealing with us, you will find your business worries and problems fading away. Let us show you how productive each rupee you spend on us can be.

Make a decision today. Try us out !

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